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Brief History

Ancora began operations since January 1980 when it was created by a group of cooperative members, specialists in metal construction activity.

During the activity, the company changed its name and form of organization and due to legislative changes, was registered in 2001, at the Trade Register Galati, and then based on cooperative law no. 1/2005, was re-recorded under the name and form of organization today: ANCORA Handicraft Cooperative Society, or simply ANCORA SCM

Today Ancora is a producer of cold drawn wire, nails, wire mesh and steel bars.
The main products of the company are:

  • Wires: hard (cold) drawn wire, black annealed wire, wire coils, galvanized wire, galvanized barbed wire.
  • NAILS: steel wire nails, construction nails with tapered head, finishing nails, flat head nails, upholstery nails, nails with twisted square section, nails staples.
  • MESH: chin link mesh, welded mesh and rabitz (hexagonal) mesh.

Due to the flexible production and IT system , we can ensure any order, in any variety or amount, including delivery by own transport or by courier directly to stores or customer deposits.




Our values are specifically targeting the development of sustainable partnerships and mutually beneficial, in terms of high quality at competitive prices.

Fabrica cuie, sarma, plasa - Ancora SCM

Ancora SCM - Interior fabrica - 1

Ancora SCM - fabrica plasa sarma

Ancora SCM - fabrica cuie